Tenemos disponible la nueva rom de Darky´s , la verion 8.0 . Dada la velocidad en la elaboracion de las roms, no me ha dado tiempo a postear la version anterior , la v7.8 , que he estado probando durante unos dias.

Ahora toca el turno de la nueva version cuyas caracteristicas son las siguientes:


  • Fixed the battery icon [everything is perfect now]

Replaced Kernel with Advanced Voodoo 5 Final v69.3 [stable // no OC]

  • Sharpness Fix [fonts are sharper]
  • Extra Tweaks [improved performance]
  • Better Memory Management [less RAM hungry]
  • Kernel Tweaks for better GPS [improved speed & accuracy]
  • Lagfix still disabled [easier updates & less problems]
  • Full BLN Support [ready to use out of the box]

Reworked the whole theme [fixed a lot of bugs, improved the look] // say thanks to R64!

  • Much sexier Dropdown-Menu [more transparent]
  • Modded some Samsung Apps [Gingerbread Look]
  • Themed Phone Dialer [matches the 2.3 look]
  • Modded Epic lockscreen [changed colours to match the theme]
  • Changed music background and controls [Grey background instead of purple and buttons glow orange, not blue anymore]
  • Modded Tabs in Samsung Apps to fit the Gingerbread Theme [clean]
  • Changed Contacts image [Fits better with the theme now]
  • Changed the SMS Notification Icons [now 2.3 Look]
  • Fixed the progress-bar [now orange]
  • Fixed the loading-bars [smoother animation]
  • Fixed the Contact Icon Borders [Aspect Ratio now correct]

Other changes

  • Changed Android Version to 2.3.1 [just accept it as it is]
  • Fixed order in SMS / MMS App [modded by darkyy]
  • Added the latest BLN App [BackLightNotifications]

En esta ocasion se ha añadido a las descargas disponibles una version slim de la rom, para todos los que desees aligerar un poco la misma. Esto es lo que ha cambiado en esta version slim:

Added Slim Version [officially supported by darkyy]

  • Removed most Samsung Bloatware
  • Removed all LiveWallpapers
  • Removed all Launchers except the Gingerbread Launcher
  • Removed all extra fonts
  • Removed all extra wallpapers
  • Removed all extra icons
  • Removed some extra apps like the MIUI-MusicPlayer etc.
  • Removed other bloating stuff
  • Cleaned up other unnecessary files

Podeis descargar la rom desde los siguientes enlaces:

CLICK HERE to download v8.0 [Wipe] [ONLINE]

CLICK HERE to download v8.0 [No Wipe] [ONLINE]

CLICK HERE to download v8.0 Slim [No Wipe] [ONLINE]

Como siempre, para el flasheo de la rom , desactivar cualquier lagfix ( a no ser que actualiceis desde una version anterior de Darky´s en cuyo caso este paso no es necesario ) , copiar el archivo descargado a la raiz de vuestra SD e instalar con CWM.

Es recomendable que realiceis el flasheo con la bateria cargada al 100% , para que los scripts automaticos realicen su trabajo correctamente.

Saludos y hasta pronto.