Ya esta disponible un nuevo firmware oficial para nuestros galaxy s, denomindado i9000xxjpy , y como no podia ser de otra forma , Darky´s ha realizado una de sus maravillosas roms , tomando como base este ultimo firmware de la compañia coreana.

Las caracteristicas son las siguientes:

  • Based on official XXJPY
  • Integrated Voodoo [v5.0.3 JPY] Kernel (Support for i9000T)
  • – Integrated ClockworkMod [CWM]
  • – Converts all partitons toEXT4
  • Startup Tweaks
  • – 339MB RAM
  • Integrated Support for a Custom Boot Animation
  • – Pre-installed Nexus S Boot Animation
  • Biggest APN file for instant internet / MMS access
  • Stock AOSP Lockscreen
  • Recovery 2e to flash unsigned update.zip’s like CWM
  • Updated Apps [Flash Player, Maps, Gmail, YouTube]
  • YouTube ‘GingerBread’ Version
  • Tweaked Settings [Themed]
  • Tweaked ‘build.prop’
  • – Fingerprint for Market changed to show all protected apps
  • 3 awesome (Homescreens) Launchers
  • – 3D Gingerbread Launcher
  • – TouchWiz Froyo
  • – LauncherPro [Gingerbread Themed]
  • Modded System Apps:
  • – Hacked Camera with Power-Button Mapping & Low % Shooting [by fr4gg0r]
  • – Modded Phone App – no more ascending ringtone
  • – Gallery3D // heavily modded // Stock Samsung Icon [extremly fast // using way less battery than Samsung’s one]
  • – Added Screenfilter to go below the standard brightness [saves a lot of battery & is easy on the eyes in the night!]
  • Useful apps added & updated
  • – SuperUser
  • – Spare Parts
  • – SGS Tools
  • – SGS Toolbox
  • – SGS Info
  • 3 Keyboards
  • – Samsung Stock 2.2.1 Keyboard
  • – Latest Swype Keyboard [English UK, English US, German, French, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, SerbianLA, Slovenian]
  • – Android 2.3 Gingerbread Keyboard [best multi-touch] [by Daneshm90]
  • Many languages supportedQWERTZQWERTY.
  • Various features
  • – Fixed signal bars for better reception
  • – Advanced Shutdown / Power Menu [Now with Reboot,Recovery Download
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread Look & Feel
  • High Quality Gingerbread Experience [redesigned in v6.0!] // Modified by me (thanks to jim_panse, gtg465x, scheichuwe, vukandric, dwillMuffc and more!)
  • – Redesigned Notification Bar
  • – Sleek Custom Wallpapers
  • – Some Apps have been themed like Gingerbread
  • New “Design Content” [icons & docks] on your internal SD-Card to customize your phone even further.
  • – Windows Phone 7 High Quality Icons
  • – New professional wallpaper
  • – Original Nexus S Ringtones
  • – Original Nexus S Boot Animation [completely smooth]

Personalmente, lo tengo instalado, lo he probado a conciencia, y he de decir que funciona de maravilla.

Para intalarlo , es necesario disponer de clockworkmod instalado.

Simplemente descargar el siguiente archivo:

CLICK ME to download v7.0 [ONLINE]

Copiar el archivo a la raiz de vuestra sd e instalar como se ha mencionado en otros posts.

Darky´s asegura que se puede instalar esta version desde cualquier firmware, ya que es una rom completa, e incluye scripts automaticos que solucionan posibles problemas de forma automatica.

Os aconsejo instalar esta nueva version. No os defraudara.

Saludos y Feliz navidad a todos.